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Friday, May 19, 2006


Every time I read from Kulturblog or IBR, I begin to contemplate our Bright Eyes/Sufjan Stevens/White Stripes conversation. I can't help it. Just now, in an attempt to understand the ground I stand upon, I went through my iTunes library and counted the artists with the most 5 star songs. It turned out to be a mostly accurate representation of the way I've come to feel. Check it out:

#1- Radiohead- 43 Songs (from 5 albums)
#2 Wilco- 40 Songs (from 6 albums)
#3 Elliott Smith- 36 Songs (from 4 albums)
#4 Bright Eyes- 33 Songs (from 6 albums)
#5 Pearl Jam- 32 Songs (from 8 albums)

I would say that Wilco and Radiohead have definite staying power at the top of my list of favorite bands. That's generally a given. I'm sure you feel the same way Tom. (How many 5 Star songs do Opeth have Suz?) Elliott is of course one of my favorites and belongs in the same sphere as Wilco and Radiohead, as does Bright Eyes IMHO. Pearl Jam is the one exception to the lists accuracy. They're not my favorite, but I've been listening to them for so long and they have so much music that, know how it is.


Bob Dylan- 30 Songs
Tom Waits- 30 Songs
Counting Crows- 26 Songs
Smashing Pumpkins- 24 Songs
Neil Young- 18 Songs
The White Stripes- 17 Songs
Sufjan Stevens- 12 Songs

There are many, many bands that I wish had more music. I think if Trail of Dead had more albums, they could definitely be among the favorites. Blind Melon was going very strong until Shannon died. Neutral Milk Hotel could've been one of the best. I adore Tilly and the Wall.

So much good music, so few days to live.


At 5/19/2006 2:28 PM, Anonymous Susan M said...

I don't star my songs. I just have too much music to get into doing that. (I'm forever wrestling with just trying to get it all my files tagged properly with genre, year, etc.)

And I have too many favorites to try to rank them. I'm into so much more than just Opeth/death metal/doom metal--folk, bluegrass, alt country/slowcore, singer/songwriters, contemporary R&B, etc.

According to, my most listened-to artists are:

Ted Leo
Husker Du
The Waterboys
The Frames
Everything But The Girl
Jackson Browne
Patty Griffin

That sort of sums it up, although I wouldn't list them in that order, it's a pretty good representation of my top bands.

At 5/19/2006 7:35 PM, Blogger Tom said...

I was making progress on getting all my songs rated. I had a process going. I would put the pod on shuffle and rate the songs based on how happy I was to hear it come on. That way I decrease the amount of unintentional bias in my rating. If I just go through my collection and rate songs as they're listed I'm afraid I'll overrate songs from artists that I really like and whom I want to see at the top of my list.

But then I accelerated my rate of music acquisition and I'm way behind on my rating work. It'll take forever to rate them all using the method I was using. I think I'm going to go through and rate. I want those data, even if I have less confidence in their validity. I'm crazy like that.

At 1/31/2007 3:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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